Why isn’t Gambling on Video Games in Casinos a Big Deal?

Many people wonder: Why isn’t gambling on video games in casinos a bigger deal? In fact, video games have similar characteristics to gambling, and the numbers have increased in recent years. But there are several concerns that people should be aware of. For starters, not all games are transparent about how much you can win in each game. Some publishers don’t even tell you how much you’re likely to win, making it impossible for players to gauge the real value of their money.

While the gaming industry has been steadily increasing in recent years, land-based casinos have been feeling the brunt of the online casino boom. While land-based casinos have a unique presence, they’re being forced to consolidate their offerings within a limited geographic area. This requires expensive travel and time, and it’s hard to compete with the convenience of online casinos. And in fact, gambling on video games is still illegal in many areas.

While state legislation and federal regulations didn’t stop the growth of these games, a recent memo from the Department of Justice (DOJ) has encouraged the legalization of video gaming in casinos. In fact, the DOJ memo is a major catalyst in the passage of legislation in several states. However, there’s no consensus on whether the gambling market should be regulated like traditional gambling.

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