Why Don’t Casinos Use Coins Anymore?

If you’re thinking “Why don’t casinos use coins anymore?” you’re not alone. Many casinos use TITO machines to process their transactions. These machines take the place of coins, which are bulky and cumbersome. This has made the casinos’ jobs more difficult and they have to keep more cash on hand to make changes. Casinos have also discovered that coins are harder to manage than paper money. A simple example of this is how difficult it is to put a $100 bill in a slot machine. The process takes about a nanosecond, while a hundred-dollar bill is almost instantaneous.

Coins are no longer used because casinos have adopted ticketing systems. Next-generation machines have advanced technology and can track multiple wagers. They can also generate tax forms for the Internal Revenue Service. Still, some players will always have fond memories of the traditional coins. If you’re nostalgic about the days when slots used to use coins, you might be interested in collecting them. These little collector’s items can be purchased on eBay for a reasonable price.

In Las Vegas, for example, dimes are now considered coin-non-grata. Twenty years ago, when Vanna White was the host of the Wheel of Fortune TV show, casino employees would not give change to players using dimes. While TITO may have helped the situation, dimes are no longer used. While you can still find coin machines in Las Vegas, the novelty of the coins is no longer there. In a world where technology is the standard, coin-free machines are becoming the norm.

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