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What is it Like to Study Abroad in South Korea?

You may be wondering, “What is it like to study abroad in South Korea?” If so, you are not alone. Almost every foreign student has wondered this question, too. After all, South Korea is an exciting country with an interesting history and breathtaking natural beauty. On top of that, its friendly and welcoming population makes it an attractive place for study abroad. Moreover, tuition fees in South Korean universities are low and scholarships are available in plenty. So, what are you waiting for?

First of all, if you want to learn the Korean language well, you must practice it. You can practice speaking the language with the Korean people you meet. You can translate street signs and watch Korean television. Moreover, you should practice with native Korean speakers to understand the grammar and vocabulary of this new language. It is better to practice speaking Korean than English to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The language is more difficult to learn in South Korea than in the United States, so it’s best to brush up on the language before you arrive.

Whether you’re planning to study abroad in South Korea or just looking for a new challenge, the capital city of Seoul has something for everyone. There are more than 100 museums in Seoul, some public and some private, but most of them offer affordable admission or free tours in English. You can learn about Korean history and culture by visiting the War Memorial in Seoul, the largest war memorial in the world. There is plenty to see and do in Seoul, and ISEP’s South Korean study abroad programs are a great way to experience the vibrant city.

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