Power Blackjack: What Makes this Blackjack Variation So Popular?

The online casino sector gives rise to different casino games in many variations. Today you can choose from anything from poker to roulette craps in many versions from some of the best developers in the market.

At the same time, it also created more opportunities for innovative casino games from some of the best developers. The same trends are noticeable in blackjack games, and it’s one of the main reasons why power blackjack has become so popular.

Even blackjack as a casino game has become quite appealing to a large number of online users, and its live-dealer versions, as well as RNG-based versions, have promoted the popularity of blackjack online but, with Power, blackjack with some innovative features that will further promote the success of the game.


Power blackjack is a popular variant of blackjack that incorporates the same principles. However, it is different due to its new double and splitting rules, also known as – Power Split and Power Double. In other words, you have more opportunities to improve your gaming strategy and your hands.

So, in short, there are more benefits for the player because it allows you to double, triple, or quadruple your bet and potentially wing better prizes. Power Blackjack was introduced to the market as an innovative game in 2020 by Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming is quite an innovative developer and a well-known game studio. It has attracted a huge audience of casino players around the world who recognize the quality of their games, including blackjack.

Rules of Power Blackjack

As with any blackjack game, the main goal remains the same. Your hand needs to be higher than the hand of the dealer without going bust or over 21. Since the game is played live with a human dealer, only one hand is dealt, to be shared by the other players. But, you only have a view of your hands and your actions.

The ‘power’ aspect in Power Blackjack is the option to double down, triple down, or quadruple down. These unique aspects of Power blackjack allow you to boost your wager up 4x the initial bet. You are allowed to use these options with any two-card hand before or after a split.

That being said, keep in mind that nines and tens have been removed from the gameplay, unlike in classic blackjack. So, this means that your chances of getting higher-value cards drops by about 40%. This is the trade-off basically for having the option to double or quadruple your bet.

So, with Power Double, you are doubling down your bet, while with power split, you are allowed to split two cards to create separate hands. With Power triple, you get to Triple Down your wager. You are able to do that after you’ve seen your cards and the dealer’s up-card.

What Makes Power Blackjack So Popular?

The main reason for the game’s popularity, as we said, is the option to double, triple, or quadruple your bet. Even though the main goal remains the same as with the classic blackjack version, you undoubtedly have more opportunities to improve weaker hands, and that is one of the main appeals of playing Power Blackjack.


Is Power Blackjack available at all online casinos?

Online casinos that collaborate with Evolution Gaming and other developers that have created Power Blackjack versions offer the game on their platform. That being said, it’s not a widely accessible game in every single online casino. It is absolutely up to the casino to curate its gaming selection based on its collaborations with different providers.

How does the Power Double feature work in Power Blackjack?

With the double power feature, you can double your bet. Also, you can discard the double-down card received and choose an unseen card instead. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be able to replace a second double card.

What is the house edge in Power Blackjack?

The house edge depends on the type of game you’re playing and the game studio behind the game. But, it is generally around 0.23%.

Can I use the same basic strategy in Power Blackjack as I do in regular blackjack?

No, you can’t because although there are similarities between the two, Power Blackjack is a different blackjack game.

Are there any specific betting strategies for Power Blackjack?

Yes, there are. You can find betting tips that help you make a double down based on specific card combinations, among other decisions. But always keep in mind that no matter what kind of betting strategy you will use, the outcome of the game is impacted by chance, and no one can guarantee that you will win.

Tips and Strategies for Winning at Power Blackjack

The basic strategy for Power Blackjack is based on the doubles, and also how you will execute the strategy is individual to your own financial budget, bankroll, and of course, the cards that are drawn. That said, there are some tips that you should keep in mind before playing Power blackjack.

First, you should hit on hard on 14, 15, and 16. You can double down, quadruple, or triple down on soft 17,18,19s or pair of 5s and hard 10 and 11. You should never split a pair of 5s, 8s, or 10s.

Lastly, remember that you should bet within your own limits, never chase losses, and keep in mind that no type of betting strategy or special tip will guarantee you a win.


In conclusion, online casino continues to grow and expand, and with that, there are hundreds of different casino games will emerge. Due to the digital nature of casino games, it’s easier for developers to create innovative titles and mobile apps for Power Blackjack.

Before you play any Power Blackjack game on a desktop or mobile device, you must learn as much as you can about them and have your own strategy. Plus, it still remains true, even for Power black, to bet within your limits and financial budget.

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