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A school is a place where a person goes to study. It provides the students with a structured environment in which to learn, under the guidance of teachers. Most countries have a system of formal education, which is sometimes mandatory, where students progress through a series of schools. During their education, students will learn the basics of literacy, mathematics, science, and the arts.

Homeschooling can be a great way to give your child the same educational opportunities as a traditional school. Creating a community of parents, tutors, and friends to share ideas and experiences is a great way to make the homeschooling experience a fun one.
Distance education

Distance education is a schooling method where students study without physically attending it. It is a great way for working parents to be able to send their kids to college without having to travel far from home. Distance education is also known as distance learning.
Charter schools

Charter schools receive government funding but operate independently of the established state school system. This way, they can offer high-quality educational programs at low costs.
Islam’s school system

The Islam’s school system is unique in many ways. Its lack of federal oversight has facilitated the creation of unique curriculums and syllabi, producing graduates with diverse aspirations, skills, and a variety of levels of community engagement. In addition, it has produced varying levels of affinity for model citizenry and professional success.
Charter schools in the U.S.

Charter schools are public schools that operate independently of traditional public schools. These schools operate with less oversight than traditional public schools and are generally run by non-unionized educators. They do not have to follow the same standards as traditional public schools, which means that they are free to innovate on the subject matter. As of 2013, charter schools served more than two million students nationwide. They are also more diverse and often have smaller class sizes than traditional public schools.
Homeschooling in India

The subject matter expert will deliver a detailed lecture on homeschooling in India. He will focus on the benefits and disadvantages of this educational approach.
Islam’s school system in Europe

Islamic religious education (IRE) in Europe has become a hot topic in recent years. Various state policies have been developed to address these concerns, ranging from allowing religious education in public schools to foregoing it altogether. The policies differ according to the political and cultural context of Islam in each country. In some countries, Islamic education is taught to Muslims as part of the general religious curriculum, while in other countries, it is taught as a separate subject in the mainstream school system.
Islam’s school system in India

The Muslim community is the most disadvantaged community in India in terms of education. However, the government of Delhi has taken steps to improve public schools and provide better education facilities. Meanwhile, ordinary Muslims have to rely on madrassas and government schools to complete their education.
Indian schools

The Indian education system has made tremendous improvements in the last few decades. The Right to Education Act has made schooling compulsory and free for all children. However, some disadvantaged groups still struggle to find an education that meets their needs. Despite the importance of education in India, the vast majority of schools have a heavy focus on academic subjects, with little room for creativity and extracurricular activities.
Modern schools

Modern schools have a very different aim from conventional schools. Instead of trying to mould a child into an individualist who has no life, they try to transform him into a social being. Through the free play of his characteristic traits, he will come to know himself and his relationship with others. This will enable him to realize himself in a manner harmonious with society.

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