FIFA punishment: does it make sense?

Russia has been suspended from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It happened not at all for sports, but for political reasons. But let’s be honest, rarely would anyone bet on the Russian team. Maximum to leave the group. So both sides are unlikely to lose much.

But the Russian Federation is far from the first country to be denied the World Cup. Moreover, the doors were “closed” to some states even when only 15 teams participated. Now there are 32 of them, which gives a wide choice of who to bet on, even from the phone to “mostbet-bd mobi”, and in in some years, the “range” of bookmakers was extremely small.

Who was the first to be banned

The first time FIFA applied such a penalty was in 1938. Prima was Spain, in which a civil war was raging. This World Cup turned out to be special in general: some countries boycotted it, others could not participate for objective reasons, like Austria. And someone was not allowed in, like the Spaniards. So the definition of the best football team took place in a narrow, almost family circle of bookmakers, bettors, the players themselves and their fans.

Consolidating the tradition

Because of the war, two championships could not be held, so the next one was held in 1950. Of course, the national teams of Japan and Germany did not have a chance to participate in it, since these countries were punished for hostilities. Several more states had clear prospects of getting banned, but then there would be no one to play. So they were amnestied.

Surprises of the 1966 Championship

In 1963, FIFA suddenly discovered that apartheid was in South Africa, however, by that time the regime had lasted 15 years, but this did not bother anyone. In general, the Republic of South Africa was expelled from the football association. Therefore, the world championship became unavailable. But a number of other teams could not take part:

  • Guatemala did not have time to confirm its application
  • Congo failed to get it in writing
  • The Philippines didn’t have the money to pay.

The 1986 World Cup proved a deep understanding of politics

Iraq started a military conflict with Iran, so Iran was not allowed to participate in the World Cup. (Country names are NOT mixed up)

1990 Championship: the apotheosis of fraud

The outcome of the match Brazil – Chile was clear in advance to both bookmakers and the players themselves. But the Chileans tried to win by non-game methods, for which they were disqualified.

The same thing happened to the Mexican team, but for slightly different reasons – an adult suffered due to the fake birth dates for the youth team.

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