Anderson Silva: reputation for a million

The fight of the UFC mixed martial arts legend with a particularly unknown boxer-blogger raises a lot of questions. Why did the star of the octagon decide to enter the boxing ring? Of course, for the organizers and owners of pay channels with the right to broadcast, this is a good jackpot, because Silva is not forgotten and is still popular.

Betters and bookmakers benefit from this, many will decide to bet on the result of the match, for example, on

But Anderson is already 47 years old, the last time he entered the ring was actually in the last century, and then he acted as an MMA fighter.

What is the legend of “Spider”

He became a legend thanks to his record: for almost 7 years he held the middleweight title. All this time, he had to fight with the strongest opponents in order to maintain the title. Let’s clarify that he was a champion in MMA, and not in professional boxing.

Fight under threat of cancellation

The competition with Jake Paul might not have taken place. Literally on the eve of the meeting, the Spider gave an unsuccessful interview, where he said that he was knocked out twice in training. Since such a situation is considered dangerous for the health of older fighters, the commission considered the option of canceling the fight.

But 1,000,000 was at stake, so Anderson did his best to justify himself and convince everyone that he had expressed himself incorrectly.

Why did they make concessions to him:

  • just a few hours left before the battle;
  • bookmakers have already accepted bets on the victory or defeat of their favorites;
  • tickets for the show are sold out;
  • channels received money from users for connecting to the broadcast.

That is, future problems significantly exceeded the risks.

How was the meeting

  • The first round went to Paul, who was very dynamic and aggressive
  • In the second – both opponents were worthy of praise
  • In the third, the Spider was leading, however, he left with a broken nose due to “playing for the public”
  • In the fourth and fifth – an equivalent exchange of blows, the scales fluctuated first in one direction, then in the other
  • Sixth – wholly owned by Silva
  • Seventh – athletes go almost on an equal footing, but with a noticeable prevalence of Andersen
  • Eighth – Jake managed to knock down in the first seconds. The spider did not give up and finished the match with dignity.

But it was the knockdown that brought all the efforts of the ex-champion to zero and the victory was awarded to the blogger. Once again, the favorite won in betting on fights worldnewsite.

Could the legendary fighter win?

Definitely yes. His return to big sport could be triumphant. Last year, he defeated Chavez Jr., then knocked out Ortiz news247 com.

But in this fight there were too many shows, one gets the feeling that it was necessary to stretch the event for the maximum number of rounds. Although it would be worth predicting that the 25-year-old is much more enduring than the 47-year-old, which has received indisputable evidence in the last period.

It is unfortunate that the favorite won. After all, when a bet on an outsider wins, it is always much more interesting and excites the blood more.

What will happen to Silva? It is doubtful that he will get another chance to return so beautifully. But on the other hand, the millionth fee is already in your pocket.

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