A Close Look into Blackjack History

Blackjack history has some disputes while locating its precise origins from brands like The widespread belief related to blackjack’s origin points to the fact that it emerged from France in the 18th century, titled Vingt-et-Un or 21. It was a little different from the modern blackjack, such as the bet was placed for every card that was dealt and the double down was allowed only to the dealer. On the other hand, it followed the same objective of getting close to 21.

Other variants of blackjack could be traced back to Italian Sette e Mezzo, Spanish Trent-Un and French Quinze that had cards with the attributed numbers, and the goal was to reach at a particular number when you play Wizard. Like the modern version of blackjack, ace’s value was calculated as 1 or 11 with some of these games.

The Rise in Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting

With its rise, blackjack brought itself huge popularity as a legalised game moved in the at the top casinos of Las Vegas. Simultaneously, a crowd of players ready to try is developed strategies and introduced systems for successful play. Among such systems, the most popularised one was the card counting. Around the 1950s, a case was reported, where a player named Jess Marcum was banned from the multiple casinos because he employed card counting techniques to beat the house. Later in 1957, Cantey, Maisel, Baldwin and McDermott wrote a book under the title of Playing Blackjack to Win, which guided the basic blackjack strategies and tracking the cards dealt, minimising the house edge.

In 1962, Beat the Dealer book by Edward O’Thorp brought a huge change in the industry, and this book became the centre of attention among the casino operators and players. This book is considered revolutionary for card counting, as here the writer has guided about big bets that could be advantageous for the players by using the tracking cards. Consequently, O’Thorp’s ten-count system motivated many players to try their luck at the casinos; however, the casinos reacted against it and implemented the measures to reduce the system’s effectiveness. So, the card counting technique has been frequently used by the players, and over the years, players came up with its evolved principles. Card counting technique is not considered as illegal; however, it is discouraged by casinos.

Online Evolution

In the 1990s, online blackjack industry saw a boom, with the launch of online casinos. Now the players could remotely play blackjack for real money. Initially, there were classic and traditional versions for the game, but sooner modified versions were also available.

Later, unique variants of blackjacks emerged that brought side bets options leading to the big payouts. Some of these include Blackjack Switch, 21 Duel, and Double Exposure Blackjack. Online casinos have moved a step forward and introduced Live Blackjack that enables them to enjoy the game in real-time against a real dealer, without stepping outside of their house. These games are offered at specialised studios, that provide premium video quality and multiple cameras from different angles to let you observe the action very closely.

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